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A man took to social media to share how a husband and wife found out their son was switched at birth.

The tweeter known as @Jupinapapi3 on Twitter said the exchange was discovered as a result of a DNA test the husband performed on their 5-year-old daughter.

The man found out that he is not the child’s biological father and confronted his wife, who expressed her surprise that, according to her, she has never cheated on him.

Confused as to how it turned out that her child did not belong to her husband, she also took a test, and the DNA result revealed that she was not the mother of the girl either.

The narrator said that the couple decided to sue the hospital for switching their baby. However, another lady who seems to be aware of the case gave an update.

The man and his wife eventually found their real daughter, but felt the need to raise the exchanged as their daughter.

The hospital was said to have settled out of court with the couple and compensated them $2 million.

He wrote; “So a man did a paternity test on his daughter and he wasn’t the father. The mom swears that she never cheated and that the test had to go wrong. She can’t convince him, so she took a test too. Turns out she wasn’t the mother either. Now they are suing the hospital because they switched babies.

Imagine raising a baby for 5 years, but now you want to have your real baby, but you also don’t want to give this one up.

I just want to say that the world is full of good people, and if you can’t find one, be one and never stop being a good person the hard way. Love you

“Update: (because I know I’m not the only one who NEEDS to know how this ended). They found their biological daughter, she was in foster care.

Apparently the family that for her was not the best of parents and ended up being investigated by child protection services. As crazy as it sounds, they now have to adopt their biological child (which they are in the process of doing). They are also keeping the non-biological child.

The hospital settled in and they received almost 2 million (NOT ENOUGH in my opinion or in their lawyer’s opinion, but they just wanted to end the whole ordeal). Her husband and her wife are staying together and he apologized to her for doubting her. They have not and will not release their real names and are relocating from their current town. Fin.”

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