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The price of energy continues to rise. Problems stem from rising inflation, war in the Ukraine, and often an outdated power grid; each is a contributing factor. In some places, the problem is being addressed at the individual and residential level.

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Wind turbines and an old windmill at the Roscoe Wind Farm in West Texas. Credit: Matthew T. Rader (CC BY-SA 4.0)

On a larger scale, what is being done at the state level in Texas to change the electric grid to something that is more modern, more sustainable and reliable?

According to a new report from News E&E/EnergyWireFollowing the recent boom in solar and wind generation, regulators and lawmakers in the top US power-producing state are said to be going ahead with a plan that will incentivize more clean natural gas companies to feed into the electric grid.

The new grid engineering plan is said to have the potential to rebuild the state’s electricity mix for decades to come, delaying the prospect of renewable energy coming from wind and solar power until a time when they are a focus. more feasible to provide sufficient power reliably. to feed everyone and everything.

In 2021, Tesla moved its corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin – Copyright AFP Natalia KOLESNIKOVA

According to E&E News, the new power grid plan got the necessary approval from the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in early January, setting the new terms for upcoming changes in the power market. The new electricity plan is said to have been unanimously approved by the PUC due to two consecutive years of winter blackouts that hurt the great state. It is designed to provide clean new power while restoring reliability to the Texas power grid.

However, critics of the natural gas plan accuse the PUC of creating a model that pushes the state back in time instead of embracing a future of wind farms and solar power. Others say the proposed new network will increase prices for Texas consumers. A select group of state legislators ask if or not, the new plan will deliver the reliability it promises.

For many years, the texan energy market is said to have relied on competitive designs which are intended to allow generators to create higher prices when difficult conditions occur. Some say this creates more incentive for entrepreneurs to build more power plants. But as renewable but unreliable sources of energy begin to become cheaper and more popular with younger generations, the new PUC potentially finds itself in direct conflict with its plan to create a grid that is reliable in times of extreme cold and heat.

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