Sims 4 free update adds scrubs, folders, and a light switch

EA has released a new update to the base game for the sims 4 which includes an array of Create-A-Sim medical accessories, binders and girdles, as well as console upgrades and a long-awaited piece of furniture: the humble light switch.

The new Create A Sim elements give players a ton of more options to create Sims that reflect a variety of different life experiences. A new category of Medical Wearables has been created under Accessories for the Body and Face. The category includes a hearing aid that comes in 15 different colors and can be used on Sims from toddler age up. A separate category of portable medical devices is also available in body customization, with this menu including glucose monitors for Sims ages 1 and up, which can be assigned to either arm or lower abdomen on either side.

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In the Body Scars category, players can now also add a Top Surgery Scar customization to male Sims of teen age or older with a male or female frame.

The update also comes with two new clothing options. The first is a Binder that is available for teen and older Sims under Tank Tops in the Tops category, and the second is a Shapewear item that is ordered under Underwear in the Bottoms section.

There’s also a new build item in the form of the immutable switch, a light switch that’s been added for players who crave more realism in their builds. From the name of the item, it sounds like the light switch is just decorative, not an interactable object.

The remainder of the update focuses on quality-of-life improvements for console players, which are listed in more detail at EA Patch Notes. The update has added manual UI placement for console players, as well as adjustable cursor scaling. There have also been a number of improvements to Build mode, as well as general updates to controls and navigation on consoles.

In other Sims news, Playtesting has begun on the next Sims game.known internally as Project Rene, which will have a more multiplayer focus than previous titles in the franchise.

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