Dream11 Personal Contest: Methods To Create And Be A Part Of Personal Contest On Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App?

Dream 11 is a fantasy sports activities app that provides an opportunity to play fantasy cricket, soccer and kabaddi by creating a virtual pool of real players. When you have information of any sport you want to watch or watch, Dream 11 gives you a chance to win a lot of money.

Participating in giant fantasy cricket leagues or tournaments requires a high cost of entry. If you don’t send it, you can’t enter this cup. However, Dream 11 keeps those things in mind and provides the ability to create or be part of a small private contest where the number of participants is minimal and inexpensive. I would prefer to know how you try this.

Distinction between public and personal contests?

Because the names indicate the meanings of each phrase, public contests are open to everyone, while private contests are only available to specific players who have an invite code or hyperlink to enter the game.

What about the Versatile Contest?

A multipurpose contest is a kind of personal contest in which if the required number of players is not reached, the contest can be played even if only two groups participate. And when different pools are available, the prize pool will routinely improve.

How do you create a personal contest?

Listed below are some simple steps to follow when creating a personal contest.

Select a match and tap on the cup or contests icon on the back of the web page.

Click on the Create a Contest option whereby you insert the Contest Name, Contest Size, and Contest Entry Fees. Thereafter, Dream 11 will routinely calculate a prize pool after deducting your share.

When making the choice above, you will notice two decisions:

  • Allow many groups per consumer
  • You want the competition to be versatile.

It is your alternative; If you want to adopt these options in your contest, please mark them.

After doing the above parameters, tap on Select Successful Breakout and choose Variety of Winners.

Then tap Create Contest and you’re done.

Create your group of 11 players, be part of the competition, pay an entry fee and share the competition code with your friends and acquaintances.

How to be part of a personal contest?

You can enter a personal contest using an invitation hyperlink and a contest code.

When you have a hyperlink to the competition, click it, tap join the competition, create your group, pay an entry fee and join right now.

When you have a contest code, choose the match, click on the current cup icon in the top right corner and insert the code and tap join the contest.

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