BMW design chief rules out ute: report

German carmaker BMW says it has no plans for a pickup truck, despite record global sales, as its chief designer dismisses the concept as a passing trend.

A senior executive of bmw says the company has no plans to enter the ute or pick-up market, despite the global increase in sales of such vehicles.

In an interview with bmw-blogthe design director of bmwAdrian van Hooydonk, dismissed utes and pick-ups as a “trend.”

“It is not an obvious combination for the BMW brand. We don’t have to go after every trend that’s happening,” said Mr van Hooydonk. bmw-blog.

“If we go into a segment, we want to do it for the long term. Plus, we don’t have to go after every trend that’s happening. What I do see and find interesting is that during COVID, we saw a trend for people wanting to spend time outdoors.”

Utes have been the top two selling vehicles in Australia for the last six years, and the Toyota HiLux has been number one for the last seven years.

In the US, Ford’s F-Series has led the new car market for nearly half a century.

By 2022, SUVs and pick-ups of all makes accounted for one in five of all new motor vehicles sold in Australia, surpassing passenger car sales locally for the second year running.

Despite this, Mr van Hooydonk believes that the drive to make utes and pick-ups more attractive to a wider range of customers is not enough to encourage BMW to enter the segment.

“The interesting thing is that the pick-up truck is getting more sophisticated. Electric transmissions are coming. Of course, prices are going up. They have also become more refined.

“So those are all interesting developments. But (it’s not) necessary for us to go and jump on that thing right away. Because, of course, it also has to be something credible, authentic for the BMW brand as well.”

BMW has shown two ute concepts since the turn of the millennium, though neither has come close to going into production.

In 2011The German marque produced a unique ute based on the contemporary M3 convertible, though it clarified that the vehicle was nothing more than an April Fools’ joke, even though it took a lot of time and effort to build.

in 2019, BMW turned to its X7 and chopped up the rear bodywork of the SUV, with a team of vocational trainees spending more than 10 months designing, developing and creating the concept. As with the M3 ute, the company stressed that it would not be put into production.

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