13 Must-Try Restaurants in San Marcos: Where the San Marcos Locals Eat

San Marcos, Calif., is home to many scenic parks and lakes like Discovery Lake, a mild Mediterranean climate, and stellar restaurants. From sushi joints and pizzerias to freshly made deli sandwiches and classic dinners, there’s everything you could want. I live in San Marco. So if you’re a long-time resident or just rented a apartment in San MarcosThere are plenty of reasons to visit a new restaurant. To help you find a place that satisfies your cravings, we’ve put together a list of 13 must-try restaurants in San Marcos. Let’s take a look at them.

#1: New Pizza

Kitchen room: Pizzeria and Italian restaurant
Direction: 141 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste 120, San Marcos, CA 92069
Pizza Nova website

Serving calamari, cheesy garlic bread, wood-fired pizza with a variety of toppings, chicken piccata, and the famous lasagna, Pizza Nova’s San Marcos location is a stellar choice to add to your list of must-visit restaurants. .

#2: Yellowfin Sushi and Grill

Kitchen room: sushi restaurant
Direction: 157 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste 136, San Marcos, CA 92069
Ahi Sushi & Grill website

A sushi joint located in the heart of San Marcos, Ahi Sushi & Grill has plenty of options for anyone looking for a new place to grab a spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, avocado roll, or tuna tataki.

#3: Tina’s Deli

Kitchen room: Deli and sandwich restaurant
Direction: 760 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste D, San Marcos, CA 92069
Tina’s Deli website

Another amazing restaurant in San Marcos is Tina’s Deli. You’ll find a variety of made-to-order sandwiches, including smoked ham and Swiss, hot pastrami, veggie sandwiches, as well as rotating daily specials.

#4: Pitta Guys

Kitchen room: middle eastern restaurant
Direction: 133 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste 102, San Marcos, CA 92069
Pita Guys website

If you’re looking for a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves up authentic dishes like chicken shawarma in a freshly baked pita, a falafel bowl, or a beef and lamb platter, be sure to stop by Pita Guys.

#5: Japanese Umami

Kitchen room: japanese and sushi restaurant
Direction: 251 N City Dr. Ste 122, San Marcos, CA 92078
Japanese Umami website

Maybe you’re looking for a new Japanese place that serves ice-cold Japanese beer, baked mussels, bao buns, fresh sushi, and ramen? If so, head to the North City neighborhood of San Marcos, home to the Japanese Umami.

#6: Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee & Deli

Kitchen room: Deli and sandwich restaurant
Direction: 125 Vallecitos De Oro Ste K, San Marcos, CA 92069
Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee & Deli website

Another of the countless restaurants in San Marcos that you should consider visiting is Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee & Deli. Serving breakfast burritos and sandwiches, club sandwiches, lunch wraps and salads, and specialty coffee drinks, it’s the perfect place for a pick-me-up.

cinnamon roll and coffee on a table

#7: Pegah’s Kitchen

Kitchen room: American diner and restaurant
Direction: 576 E Mission Rd Ste E, San Marcos, CA 92069
Pegah’s Kitchen website

Pegah’s Kitchen, located in the Richland area of ​​San Marcos, has plenty of options for those looking for classics like cinnamon rolls, corned beef hash, hot turkey sandwiches, burgers, and omelettes.

#8: Sushi-huku

Kitchen room: sushi restaurant
Direction: 727 W San Marcos Blvd Ste 108, San Marcos, CA 92078
Sushi Huku website

You will find Sushi Huku, a cozy sushi restaurant, serving fresh seaweed salad, hot miso soup, specialty rolls like Alaskan roll, lemon roll or vegetable tempura rolls.

#9: It’s Tabu Sushi Bar & Grill

Kitchen room: sushi restaurant
Direction: 344 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste 147, San Marcos, CA 92078
It is the website of Tabu Sushi Bar & Grill

If you’ve recently moved to San Marcos and are looking for a great place to eat hibachi chicken, artisan sushi rolls, yakisoba, and unagi don, you can find that and more at It’s Tabu Sushi Bar & Grill.

#10: Chef’s Pho & Grill

Kitchen room: vietnamese restaurant
Direction: 324 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd Ste 130, San Marcos, CA 92078
Chef’s Pho & Grill website

If you’re looking for a hot bowl of pho to eat on a rare cold day in San Marcos or a banh mi sandwich to take to your beach picnic, Chef’s Pho & Grill is the perfect place to go.

#11: Two Brothers From Italy

Kitchen room: Pizzeria and Italian restaurant
Direction: 591 Grand Ave Ste G101, San Marcos, CA 92078
Two brothers from Italy website

Another of the many restaurants in San Marcos to add to your list is Two Brothers From Italy. You can find this pizzeria serving a lot of great food and drinks including New York style pizza, Sicilian square pizza, hearty calzones and delicious desserts like cannoli and tiramisu.

#12: Vera Cruz Fish House

Kitchen room: Seafood restaurant
Direction: 360 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA 92078
Fish House Vera Cruz website

At Fish House Vera Cruz, there are many great fresh fish options to choose from: clam chowder, shrimp cocktails, calamari steak, rockfish, swordfish, Faroese salmon, and other catch of the day.

#13: Mama Kat

Kitchen room: American Patisserie and Restaurant
Direction: 950 W San Marcos Blvd Ste J, San Marcos, CA 92078
Mama Kat’s website

Mama Kat’s is a delicious restaurant to visit in San Marcos. Serving locally roasted coffee, homemade bagels, scones, skillets and breakfast bowls, there is an option for everyone. And don’t forget to order one of their slices of pie: cherry pie, coconut cream, apple scotch, and lemon meringue, just to name a few.

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