Police Rescue: Police car gets stuck on Australian beach

The boys in blue have been left red in the face after their patrol car got stuck on a remote beach in Western Australia.

Western Australia Police officers had to call on the public for help after their sedan got stuck on a beach.

He toyota camry The patrol car was driven to Wharton Beach near Esperance on the south coast, a popular place for tourists to take ATVs.

However the toyota camry – which is not designed for off-road use due to its low ground clearance, low-profile road tires and two-wheel drive system instead of all-wheel drive – got stuck in soft sand.

Images and a video posted on social media – with over 50,000 views as of this writing – shows the Western Australian Police car finally being rescued by an Isuzu MU-X driven by a Good Samaritan.

Some comments on social media were brutal about the embarrassing mishap: “To think they let these guys carry guns,” was one comment.

While driving on the sand in any two-wheel drive car is not recommended, one local came to the defense of police officers on Facebook, noting that it is sometimes possible in Wharton Beach for regular cars to drive on the beach, but only when there is hard sand, such as when the tide goes out.

“[I] I used to take my (Holden) Commodore to the beach all the time [and] never got stuck,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

It seems that the local police took the criticism in good spirits.

“Esperance Police would like to welcome [Senior Constable] Neville to the team who started today and found a new way to engage with our wonderful local community,” a Facebook post read.

“Thank you to those who gave the lads a hand. Please reach out so we can let you know when the lads pay for their coffee and cake ‘right’.

“Fortunately no one [was] injured and no car damage, [just] their egos are on the mend.”

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