Donkey Kong fans are divided on the opening lines of Seth Rogen’s Super Mario movie

A new commercial for The Super Mario Bros. movie released today, and while it featured some previously seen images, it also gave Nintendo fans some new and exciting things to see. Not just the commercial presents the debut of the Cat Mario power-upalso presents the first lines of seth rogenIt’s Donkey Kong! Rogen’s iconic laugh is on full display in the commercial, as he reacts to the appearance of the Cat Mario suit. After managing to regain his composure, Donkey Kong goes back to business, telling Mario “now you die”.

The commercial can be found in the Tweet below.

So far, fans seem pretty torn about Rogen’s opinion! Many have reacted positively, though others feel that what has been shown seems too close to Rogen’s natural voice. It’s worth noting that Donkey Kong hasn’t had many voice lines in video games, but he has been voiced in cartoons, including the ’80s. saturday supercade show, and in the 90s donkey kong country animated series Interestingly, his laugh in the superchain the series is actually pretty close to rogen! Fans will be able to hear better when the movie opens on April 7.

Read on to see what fans are saying about Seth Rogen in The Super Mario Bros. movie!

…but others think it’s too close to Rogen’s natural voice.


That laugh is iconic.


The clip gained some fans.


Better than him just making noises!


Is it better than Pratt’s Mario?


The movie is looking pretty good right now!


Now where’s that Cranky Kong voice?!?



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