Super Mario Movie Commercial Reveals New Power-Up

A new commercial for The Super Mario Bros. movie has been released by Nintendo Y lighting entertainment. The 30-second ad primarily features images seen in the second trailer, including Mario’s showdown with Donkey Kong. However, the announcement includes a new ignition that has not been seen in previously published images. Around the 16 second mark, we get to see Mario hit a Question Block, which apparently featured a Super Bell; suddenly, Cat Mario springs into action against DK! The transformation results in Donkey Kong laughing from Seth Rogen, who begins throwing a punch saying “now you die”.

The new commercial announcement was shared via the film’s official Twitter account and can be found embedded below.

So far, this makes three power-ups from the series that have been featured for the movie: the Fire Flower, the Tanooki Suit, and the Cat Suit. In comparative terms, the Cat Suit is a much more recent power-up to the franchise, having first appeared in 2013. super mario world 3d. The power-up is quite useful in-game, even if it makes the user look a bit silly. Over the past 10 years, she’s become a fan favorite, most recently making a comeback in the video game. Bowser’s Fury. It will be interesting to see how Mario uses it in the actual movie, and if he helps him defeat Donkey Kong in combat.

In The Super Mario Bros. movie, Chris Pratt’s Mario is a newcomer to the Mushroom Kingdom and is still learning how things work, including power-ups; In the second trailer, we can see Princess Peach teaching Mario how to use a Fire Flower. For those who have never played a Mario game before, it looks like the movie will help you get a little more familiar with this world!

The Super Mario Bros. movie it will be released on April 7th.

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