Review of the film “Talk to me” [Sundance 2023]: A Viral Séance Challenge Leads To Unsettling Terror

He horror The genre has always found innovative ways to play with generational cultural shifts, finding a way to keep abreast of modern wrestling. Halina Reyn Bodies Bodies Bodies aptly tapped into the social commentary on Gen Z, bringing a dark sense of humor to its party game-based horror antics. Now Danny and Michael Philippou invented the next wild horror sensation with tell me.

‘Talk to me’ shows that a spiritualism ritual goes viral

Sophie Wilde as Mia | Courtesy of the Sundance Institute

The latest party craze on social media involves conjuring spirits for fun, as teens pressure each other to indulge in the paranormal ritual. Teenager Mia (Sophie Wilde) is trying to take her mind off the grief of the anniversary of her mother’s (Alexandria Steffensen) death, so she welcomes the idea of ​​trying.

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