Buhari Appoints Yusha’u Ahmed as NYSC CEO

The president, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), has approved the appointment of Brig. General YD Ahmed as Director General of the National Youth Service Corps.

He will officially replace Christy Uba, who has run NYSC affairs for about three months, on Monday.

Uba, the highest-ranking director, was appointed by the Presidency after the dismissal of Brig. General Mohammed Fadah for alleged incompetence and poor performance.

PUNCH reported that on November 22, 2022, the NYSCannounced the elevation of its Director, Information and Communication Technologies,

Christy Uba as its interim CEO.

She made history as the first woman to be appointed to NYSC since its establishment some 50 years ago.

NYSC Director of Press and Public Relations Eddy Megwa said the appointment followed the firing of Brigadier General Muhammad Kaku Fadah as CEO by the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.).

The statement was titled: “Ms. Uba will oversee NYSC pending the appointment of the substantive CEO.”

“The most senior director in the scheme has assumed leadership of the body in a supervisory capacity, pending the appointment of a substantive director general by the lord president,” Megwa said.

Some 48 hours after his appointment, Uba had promised to restore the organization’s status to make it more visible.

However, she said there was nothing new to be excited about having been with the organization for a long time.

Uba, who was the Director of Supervision for the NYSC, stated this in an interview with Journalists on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 2022 combined press and public relations, protocol officers and Freedom of Information officers workshop with the theme, ‘Improving NYSC’s corporate image: Role par excellence of Public Relations officers.’

She said: “I expect more efficiency, diligence, commitment and they should do their job more professionally and start working more than ever.

“I think it’s business as usual because this is the work we do on a daily basis and we’ve been in the scheme for so long, I think there’s nothing new to be excited about.

“This time around I am prepared to make sure that we start doing our job the way we have been doing it and also to let the public know that NYSC is still working and we pray that as a team we have all agreed to work and make the outline more visible than ever.

“We want to restore the trust of staff and corps members so they know nothing has changed at NYSC. We are still the scheme that has remained visible for some time, nothing has changed.

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