How Northern Nigerians paid less for food in December 2022

As of December 2022, Nigerians in the northern part of the country paid the lowest costs for staple foods, according to the National Statistics Office’s Selected Food Price Observatory. Report.

Highlighted below is a list showing food prices in all regions during the highlighted period:

1 kg of boneless beef: In the Southeast region, 1 kg of boneless beef costs up to N2,936.49. In the South-South, it costs N2,647.59. In the northwest, it costs N2,575.06. Meanwhile, in the southwest, it costs N2,159.86. Nigerians in the North Central bought the same at N2,066.87 and those in the North East bought at N1,989.86.

2kg of packaged wheat flour: In the southeast, wheat costs N1,427.10. In the South-South, it cost N1,320.34. In the southwest, it cost N1,225.07. In the northwest, it cost N1,217.65. In the north center, it cost N1,062.77 and in the northeast, it cost N1,028.78.

1 liter of palm oil: In the southwest, a liter of palm oil costs N1,182.74. In the northwest, it cost N1,161.44. In the southeast, the product cost N1,142.67. Meanwhile, in the South-South, it cost N1,118.17. In the Central North region, it cost 792.69 and in the Northeast, it cost N782.52.

1 kg of brown beans: Brown beans cost N793.48 in the southeast and cost N699.08 in the south-south. In the Southwest it cost 628.39. In the Northwest it was N502.73, in the North Central it was N498.52 and in the Northeast it was N457.70.

1 kg of onions: In the South-South, it cost N692.09. In the southeast, it cost N628.01. In the southwest, it costs N503.50. In the North West it was N359.61 and in the North Central it was N280.09 while in the North East it was N222.99.

1 kg of local rice: In the South-South, it cost N564.37. In the southwest, it costs N528.36. In the southeast, it costs N515.77. In the north center it sold for N502.07 and in the northeast it cost N491.51, while in the northwest it sold for N447.05.

500g of sliced ​​bread: Nigerians in the southeast paid N694.64. Those from the South-South paid N648.51. In the southwest, it costs N546.38. In the northwest, it cost N514.91. In the north center, it cost N483.63 and in the northeast, it cost N378.28.

1 kg of yam tuber: In the South-South, it cost N578.21. In the southeast, it was N568.85, in the southwest, it was N559.07. In the northwest it was N430.57 and in the central north it was N243.77 while in the northeast it was N225.74.

1 kg of tomatoes: In the South-South, tomatoes sell for N773.39. In the southeast, it sold for N655.63. In the southwest, it costs N528.58. In the northwest region, it costs N377.33. Meanwhile, it sold for N270.75 in the north center and N222.49 in the north east.

1kg of white garri: In the southeast, it costs N396.45. In the South-South it costs N340.39. In the northwest, it costs N331.48. In North Central, it costs N325.21. In the northeast, it was N308.50 and in the southwest, it was N307.77.

For the record: Looking at the costs, it is evident that the average food prices in the northern regions were cheaper than those in the southern regions in December 2022. This is mainly due to the Christmas season, which is celebrated more in the region from the south. The increase in demand during the period led to an increase in prices for final consumers.

The December 2022 Consumer Price Index (CPI) and NBS Inflation Report revealed that food inflation it fell to 23.75% in December 2022 from 24.13% registered in the previous month. Meanwhile, compared to the corresponding period of 2021, the rate increased by 6.38% points from 17.37%.

  • According to the BNE, the increase in food inflation was due to increases in the prices of bread and cereals, oil and fat, potatoes, yams and other tubers, fish and other food products.

In case you missed it: Following a feed survey in December 2022, Nairametrics reported that Nigerians were rationing their spending this Christmas season due to high consumer costs, including food. In the report, it was stated that a 50 kg bag of rice sold for a minimum of 38,500 naira and a maximum of 42,000 naira, while the price of chicken, turkey, groundnut oil, onions and others food was on the rise. high side.

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