Popular Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis


“I’m almost 6 months off the line. I’m in fantastic hands, and I’ve got this.”

Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby announced on her Instagram account Friday that she has been battling breast cancer since last August.

The 35-year-old London-based spinning instructor shared details of her diagnosis and treatment on Friday, describing how she would give classes for the interactive stationary bike company the same day she would receive treatment.

“After multiple scans and appointments with cancer consultants and nurses, and being completely terrified for a few weeks, in August 2022 I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Hainsby wrote to her 340,000 Instagram followers.

In his post, Hainsby detailed that he completed 12 weeks of chemotherapy, underwent surgery, and the next steps in his treatment.

“Next, I’ll have my portacath surgically removed and then 2 weeks of radiotherapy, and I’m ready for that,” she said.

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Hainsby is a “former professional dancer turned fitness enthusiast,” according to his Peloton biography, and has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry. She got engaged to another London-based Peloton instructor, Ben Alldis, in 2021.

“You have shown me time and time again over the past year why I am the luckiest man in the world that you said yes to marry me.” alldis wrote in response to Hainsby’s post. “Showing resilience, grace and still managing to be there for others as you go through all of this. Your bright light is shining brighter than ever.”

Hainsby ended by writing that she wants to raise awareness about breast cancer, encouraging people to get checked out and saying she’s “lucky to know she’s going to be okay.” Hainsby also described how she wants to give back to others who are receiving treatment and how her journey should motivate those in a similar situation.

“I have been dealt some cards that have changed my life forever, and somehow I keep moving forward,” he said. “If I can motivate or inspire just one person to continue on their journey or to get checked out, then sharing something so personal will be worth it.”

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