My husband tried to use our children for a money ritual: housewife tells the court

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By Olawale Akinremi

Middle-aged housewife Ms Olawumi Olasemo told a Mapo Grade ‘A’ customary court in Ibadan that her Wale tried to use her two children for a ritual.

Olawumi asked the court to dissolve her marriage to Olasemo over the attempted money ritual.

She told the court that she was very saddened by her estranged husband’s attempt to use their two children for the money ritual.

She also said that she was afraid of her husband because of his bad attitude and lack of love towards her.

She said her husband, who was not present in court, was saddened after she noted that he wanted to use the two children for the ritual.

“When I took note of Olasemo’s desperate attempt to use our two children for the money ritual, he was saddened.

“He hits me. He separated from Olasemo about eight years ago and has since remarried.

However, Olasemo was absent from court.

The court noted that the defendant was duly served with the summons of origin, as well as the notice of the court hearing, but preferred not to appear.

In passing sentence, the president of the court, Ms. SM Akintayo, declared the marriage dissolved, noting that the evidence presented by the petitioner indicated that there was a valid customary marriage between Olawumi and Olasemo.

Akintayo said that the dissolution was necessary in the interest of a peaceful life, especially with the participation of children’s lives in the money ritual.

Citing relevant sections of the law to support his ruling, Akintayo awarded custody of the union’s two children to Olawumi and ordered Olasemo to pay the court 20,000 naira as a monthly allowance for the children’s food.

In addition, it granted the order prohibiting the defendant from harassing, disturbing and interfering with the private life of the petitioner.

Furthermore, the president ordered the two to be jointly responsible for the education and welfare of the children.

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