MVP and UCM launch home emergency care program

Albany, New York (NEWS10) — Telehealth is expanding in the Capital Region, and two local health care companies are teaming up to help people access health care at home. MVP Healthcare and Troy-based company, UCM Digital Health, are launching a “Treatment in Place” initiative.

When MVP customers call 911 for non-life-threatening conditions, a paramedic will work with a doctor via telehealth to diagnose the patient from their location. The team will then determine if a trip to the hospital is really needed.

“This program represents MVP and UCM’s strong commitment to making healthcare more accessible, convenient and affordable for our customers, while creating new opportunities for efficiencies and savings in the healthcare system,” he said. MVP Health Care President and CEO Chris Del Vecchio in a press release.

Valatie Rescue has been participating in the same program and says that almost 80% of its patients have been able to avoid trips to the hospital. That number helped with expensive hospital bills and helped with staffing problems, the ambulance service said.

“We are delighted to provide this service to the community,” Scott Bowman, CEO of Valatie Rescue, said in the statement. “By using UCM emergency physicians, we have kept 79% of patients safe in their homes, without transportation to a hospital. Our medical providers are able to use their knowledge and skills, along with face-to-face interactions with physicians virtually, to deliver the care that is truly best for our patients. This is just the latest step in many advancements in the emergency medical services industry, and we are happy to be able to provide this for our patients.”


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