BBTitans 2023: Marvin reveals his secret while Blue Aiva seduces him

I guess aiva blue he knew better than to trust Yemi Cregx. This lady is of a different caliber. Instead of getting upset by Yemi’s absence, she set her sights on another Nigerian prince.

Very late last night, Marvin walked past her bed. She lay on her bunk while he stood on the stairs to talk to her. He was giving Romeo on the balcony with his Juliet.

Things suddenly went from cute to steamy as he tried to reach her nether region.

M: You can’t touch here. I’m saving it for my girlfriend.

B: So you have a girlfriend?

M: I did not enter here alone. She will get jealous and hurt if I try anything.

Marvin is off the market. Who is going to tell Yaya that her crush is taken?

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