Review of the film ‘Magazine Dreams’ [Sundance 2023]: Jonathan Majors’ bodybuilding world loses steam

Actor Jonathan Majors it is a powerhouse of a performer, disappearing into whatever role it inhabits. He once again does exactly that in transforming him into the world of bodybuilding obsession into intense drama Dreams Magazine. The first half introduces a fascinating premise, though it loses its way and never manages to find a way to recover.

‘Magazine Dreams’ dives into the world of bodybuilding

Jonathan Majors as Killian Maddox | Glen Wilson / Courtesy of the Sundance Institute

Killian Maddox (Majors) lives with his veteran grandfather, whom he helps care for. Meanwhile, he attends court-ordered therapy appointments and works at a local grocery store, where he admires a cashier (Haley Bennett) with whom he has a crush. However, it seems that Killian can’t muster the strength to ask her out due to her social anxieties.

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