Josh Allen responds to the absurd Damar Hamlin conspiracy

Josh Allen has been the head coach of the Buffalo Bills for quite some time. He has consistently helped lead them to the playoffs, and there is this idea that he can win a Super Bowl. He also helped guide them through the traumatic incident involving Damar Hamlin.

Fortunately, Hamlin is fine and was even at the Bills’ playoff game on Sunday. Although his team lost, Hamlin seemed to be in a good mood as he cheered everyone on. Overall, it was great to see him around considering where he was just two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, some people decided to come up with conspiracy theories about his health. There was this bizarre claim that he really did die and the NFL was covering it up. Also, because he covered his face, people tried to say that he was being cloned.

During an appearance in Kyle Brandt’s basement, Josh Allen addressed the conspiracy. As you can imagine, he was surprised that it exists. Furthermore, he immediately called it out for being unfounded.

“Yeah, that’s stupid,” Allen said. “There is absolutely no chance. That’s the Damar Hamlin. That’s our man… our brother. One, that’s Damar’s loot, she likes to wear that. Two, she was in the locker room with us before the game. Then yes. That was Damar.

In general, people don’t seem to be influenced by what Allen says. At this point, people just want to believe their silly theories, regardless of their validity. While Hamlin will likely show his face soon, even that won’t be enough for these folks.

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