BBTitans: Sandra attacks Theo Traw in a hilarious journal session

sandra took advantage of today’s newspaper session to lament his partner, Santheo. She didn’t hold back. She told Biggie how she felt about the South African rookie.

When asked about his partner, he complained excessively about his lack of drive. “He doesn’t have ginger,” she complained. She explained that it was like raising a child.

He told Biggie how Theo Traw had given up on an assignment halfway through. According to her, he packed his bags yesterday and was ready to go home. He said sandra who knew they were going to be evicted on Sunday.

She complained that his pessimism was too discouraging. “I’m tired of cheering someone up when I’m still trying to cheer myself up.”

She told Biggie that she had recently found out that he had been in 2 previous fights before his fight with Jenni O. She was shocked. “He’s already fought two guys,” says Sandra.

She was very dissatisfied with being matched and didn’t mind beating around the bush. When asked what her partner’s strengths were, she nonchalantly said, “He’s a musician, that’s what he said.

He couldn’t even focus on his strengths. He quickly went back to complaining about his behavior. “I’ve never heard him sing,” she said. She explained that maybe her music was boring like him.

She told Biggie that she would rather be matched up with someone who has drive. The men she chose to pair up with were Kanaga Jnr, Miracle, Mmeli, Juicy Jay, and Thabang.

Will this team make it or will they crash and burn on Sunday?

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