Rare Grade Pokemon Game Boy Game Allegedly Destroyed by US Customs

The earliest Pokemon Games are hard to come by in their original packaging and cost quite a bit of money when rated highly. That would make it even more devastating if one of these copies were to go bad, and it looks like that’s exactly what happened to one unfortunate fan. Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick shared an image of a previously rated demolished copy of the game that belonged to his friend. Apparently US Customs broke Wata’s seal to gain access to the game, and then proceeded to rip open the lid of the box to peek inside!

An image of the qualified copy of pokemon yellow can be found in Kick’s Tweet embedded below.

Many Twitter users were quick to express their opinions about Wata Games and the controversies that have surrounded the company, but also noted his disappointment in seeing the game in this state. Kick didn’t say how much his friend paid for the game, but he would have been worth thousands. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if the buyer has any recourse, and it’s all pretty sad. Hopefully, they’ll still manage to get some satisfaction out of their copy of pokemon yellow!

pokemon yellow released for him Nintendo game boy in North America in 1999, a year after the debut of pokemon red and blue. The third version offered several changes from its predecessors, most of which brought it closer to the Pokémon anime. Like Ash Ketchum, players started the game with Pikachu, who followed them out of his Poke Ball. Gym Leaders were given Pokémon that best matched the ones they used on the show, and the game even featured multiple encounters with Jessie and James! For all these reasons, pokemon yellow It’s been a fan favorite over the years, and it’s easy to see why someone might want a rare copy to keep on their video game shelf.

Have you ever purchased a qualifying copy of a video game? Are you disappointed to see what happened to this copy of pokemon yellow? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


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