Lezeldor & Imperience Hotels in India adopts Hotelogix to gain centralized control over multi-property operations

Singapore, 01/24/23: Hotelogix, a leading global provider of cloud-based hospitality technologysaid Lezeldor Hospitality & Imperience Hotels Management of India has adopted its multi-property management system to gain centralized control over group operations.

Based in Kerala, Lezeldor & Imperience Hotels manages four properties, including Vythiri Resort, Carmelia Haven, Chandy’s Windy Woods and Chandy’s Drizzle Drops. The firm assists boutique resorts with marketing and sales activities to attract domestic and foreign guests. It focuses on leveraging technology to offer maximum benefits to its partner resorts.

Prior to adopting Hotelogix, the group was managing operations with a locally sourced solution that restricted its operational capabilities in many ways. It was not a feature-rich app. It did not offer centralized control over group operations nor could it integrate with the channel manager solution for efficient OTA distribution.

“We adopted Hotelogix at one of our properties in 2021. And as of now, three of our resorts are running Hotelogix. We have now gained centralized control over our group’s operations. Also, the channel manager integration allows us to sell more via OTA,” said Roy Chacko, co-founder of Imperience Hotels and founder of Lezeldor.

In addition to the multi-property management system, Hotelogix has also offered its Mobile PMS application to help the group keep track of hotel positions on the go. According to Roy, the reports generated by Hotelogix are excellent sources for occupancy rates, guest preferences, and projected revenue, helping them make informed sales and guest service decisions.

“We are delighted with Hotelogix. Your multi-property management system has helped us drive efficiency, sales and revenue. We have witnessed our desired ROI with them,” said Roy.

Speaking about this partnership, Brijesh Surendran, Hotelogix President of Enterprise Sales, said: “Lezeldor & Imperience Hotels’ decision to adopt Hotelogix is ​​a testament to the fact that the cloud is the only way hotel groups can gain an advantage. competitive, exceed guest expectations and drive business growth. We thank you for choosing us as your technology partner and look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.”

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix is ​​a leading global provider of cloud-based hospitality technology solutions of the first multi-property management system, hotel PMS and mobile PMS application for hotel groups and independents. We have the remarkable feat of implementing the largest multi-property deployment of 50,000+ rooms across 500+ properties in a single cluster. Through our distribution brand AxisRooms, we also offer Channel Manager and Revenue Management solutions. We have earned the trust of over 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, LATAM, Europe and North America. We’ve been instrumental in fueling their growth as we help them sell more rooms at the optimal rate and better serve guests.

For more information visit https://www.hotelogix.com/sistema-de-gestion-de-propiedades-grandes-hoteles.php.

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