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Users are complaining about the Google Ads 500 error message and wondering how to fix this problem. If you are among these users suffering from this error message, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything about what the Google Ads 500 error message is and how to fix it.

Although it is quite common for social media identifiers to encounter glitches and errors, it is not very common for platforms like Google Ads to encounter flaws. However, the recent Google Ads glitch has upset several users and they are not very happy about it. They’ve taken to their social media handles to talk about the issues they’re currently facing with Google Ads.

Most of the patients have taken the issue to Twitter to find out if they are alone or not.

Earlier, the platform was going around for news about his company. The company is said to have laid off several of its employees. Now, as the flaw appears on the platform, users are giving hilarious reactions. Some users are really upset by the problem, while others respond to the glitch with funny reactions.

Here we have put together all the details about what the Google Ads 500 error message is all about and how to fix it.

What is the Google Ads 500 error message?

Initial complaints about the glitch began surfacing online on January 23. Users complain that the platform has stopped working and the 500 error message greets them. After witnessing that the issue is appearing for all the users, they concluded that the website is down.

People started reacting to the problem after learning that they are not alone in this.

At the time of writing, there is no information as to what led to this problem. It seems that the issue is a glitch and users may need to wait for the issue to be fixed.

Some users are linking the recent layoffs to the viral bug and have amusing responses. According to the information available, Google would request the departure of around 12,000 employees, that is, 6% of full-time workers. As of now, there is no information on what caused Google to lay off such a large number of employees.

Is Google Ads inactive right now?

Image of Is Google Ads inactive right now?

After failing to fix the glitch, users took to Twitter to talk about it. This is how users have responded to this issue:

One user wrote: “If Google Ads is down, does that mean I can take the day off? It’s a prank.”

Another user added: “I think it’s been 2 hours since Google Ads is down. What’s going on?

“Google Ads going down after 12,000 layoffs has to be some kind of karmic event,” said another user.

“Google Ads down. What a day I didn’t have a good dream God is with me,” said another. “If you work solely on Google Ads, take some time for yourself this morning. Go exercise, read a book, go to Costco. Because it’s down. – Someone who can’t do any of this (although I actually need to go to Costco at some point),” wrote another.

One user even linked this whole situation to a Taylor Swift song and wrote: “Everyone: Why are my Google ads down? Google: Don’t worry. It’s not you, it’s Me.”

For now, there is no confirmed fix for the issue. Therefore, users may need to wait for Google to resolve the issue.

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The bottom line

It was about what the Google Ads 500 error message means and how to fix it. Hopefully, he has found all the details he needed to know.

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