DPP crisis: Nnamani dares NWC, G-5 governments, others walk a tightrope

In addition to Wike, the other four party members are running for election. While Governors Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu), Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia) and Samuel Ortom (Benue) have DPP senatorial candidates, Oyo State’s Seyi Makinde is seeking a second term as governor.

This is said to be the reason why they have yet to openly declare their support for any particular presidential candidate other than the DPP’s Atiku Abubakar. They are split between Tinubu and Peter Obi of the Labor Party.

They fear that any open endorsement of another presidential candidate could draw the ire of their party leaders and mar their ambition.

But for its part, the DAILY POST noted that Nnamani, head of the Ebeano political dynasty, has lived up to his words in his campaign for Tinubu.

Unlike his previous posts where he subtly marketed the APC presidential candidate, he has now released posters containing his image, alongside Tinubu’s, supporting the APC candidate.

A few minutes later, he followed it up with a video image for Tinubu’s campaign.

It was also said that he met with his supporters over the weekend, where he told them there was no going back on his stand.

There has been controversy since his suspension was announced, with opinions divided on whether or not his candidacy has now been invalidated.

Citing the party’s constitution, a senior PDP member in Enugu state said the NWC was right in its decision.

He said, “let me take you to the PDP Constitution, Chapter 10, Article 3, which deals with disciplinary action against members. It provides that: ‘The Working Committee at any level of the Party and the Executive Committee (at the district level) may, after preliminary hearings, suspend a party member for a period not exceeding one month, during which period the A member thus suspended will lose his right to contest any election and will be referred to the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.’

“The arrangement is as clear as air. What it means is that the party can be suspended without inviting the member. It is only at the expulsion level that fair hearing comes into play.

“But whether it’s suspension or expulsion, you lose your rights as a member, including the right to contest any election, it’s black and white.”

However, the party leader wondered why Nnamani should be singled out while the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, the Hon. Edward Ubosi also appeared in the APC presidential campaign.

“To me, the Speaker’s offense is even more serious because no one has ever seen Senator Nnamani in any of the APC campaigns. But the Speaker was in Ebonyi’s state,” the party source said in confidence.

Some analysts have referred to the case of Senator Ishaku Abbo from Adamawa state.

It should be recalled that a Yola High Court, presided over by Judge Mohammed Danladi, had dismissed Senator Abbo as the APC’s senatorial candidate for the northern Adamawa senatorial area for this year’s elections.

The court dismissed Senator Abbo on the grounds that he was expelled from the party by his ward in Adamawa Mubi North Local Government Area.

The court also affirmed that Senator Abbo is not entitled to enjoy any rights or privileges granted to APC members.

The party’s next action is in the offing, especially with Governor Wike’s threat and Nnamani’s decision to call his bluff.

DPP crisis: Nnamani dares NWC, G-5 governments, others walk a tightrope

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