BBTitans S1: ‘I would have chosen Khosi as my partner if given the chance’ – Yemi Cregx

Big Brother Titans Season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala Housemate and reality star Yemi Cregx told Big Brother in the newsroom on Tuesday, the 9th of the show, that she would have chosen Josi as your partner if given the chance.

Yemi said that he has a connection to Josi more than any other lady in Biggie’s House, and they will make a great team.

He added that he and Khosi had already discussed how they would come together as a team.

These responses came from Yemi after being asked by Biggie who he would have chosen if he had been given the chance to choose a partner himself.

great: “If you had the chance to choose a partner for yourself, who would it be?”

Yemí: “It would be Khosi. I feel like we have a connection and we will make a good team. We’ve had conversations about things we can do together as a team..”

It should be remembered that Biggie paired each Housemates with their opposite sex last Sunday. And unfortunately for most of them, they couldn’t match up with the partner of his they connected with the most.

Yemi, who connected with Khosi the most, ended up with Nelisa, while Khosi was paired with Miracle OP, as were Juicy Jay and Yvonne.

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