‘The Outwaters’ Movie Review: Robbie Banfitch’s Experimental Horror Journey Into Hell

In less than a month to 2023, the horror the genre is already thriving with studio shot M3GAN and viral indie phenomenon skinamarink. Writer/director Robbie Banfitch The Outwaters he’s the best of the bunch, forging his own serving of dread that is singular and terrifying. Metaphorically and literally leaves the viewer in the dark, using the primal fear of the unknown that lurks within him to chill his blood.

Robbie Banfitch as Robbie Zagorac | cinedigma

The police successfully recover memory cards in a remote stretch of the Mojave desert. The footage captures four travelers named Robbie (Banfitch) and his brother, Scott (Scott Schamell), along with their friends, Ange (Angela Basolis) and Michelle (Michelle May). They suddenly disappeared while venturing out on a sun-drenched camping trip that only left questions about the events that took place.

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