The Last of Us fans were stunned after the character’s heroic sacrifice in episode 2

[Warning: Spoilers for Episode 2 of The Last of Us are found heavily throughout this story.]

HBO fans The last of us have been shocked and saddened after another character in the series was killed off at the end of Episode 2. For those who have played The last of us game, it was already known that one of the series’ key cast members would soon be leaving the show. And while this was widely expected, it still didn’t make the inevitable sacrifice any easier for fans to watch.

At the end of Episode 2 of The last of usTess, who is played by ana torv in the series, he sacrificed himself so that Joel and Ellie could escape and continue their journey. Earlier in the episode, Tess was bitten by a Clicker during an encounter the trio had with a group of Infected. Knowing that she would soon become an infected creature herself, Tess decided to take down a horde of monsters with her in a fiery blast.

Not long after Tess ended up dying in The last of usTheir social networks were filled with responses from fans talking about how the moment impacted them. Most fans expressed that the final scene was incredibly well done, while others praised Torv’s performance. Many also ended up noting that a “kissing” encounter Tess had with an Infected before she died was truly disgusting and bizarre. Still, even in light of this, Episode 2 was largely well received even though it came with more angst.

If you want to see what some The last of us fans say online after the end of Episode 2, be sure to keep reading below.

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