BBTitans 1: Full video of Sandra and Olivia fighting to peel

Big Brother Titans season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala shows the first fight at Biggie’s House and it was between two Nigerian housemates olivia and Sandra.

The fight, which came in the form of an altercation, occurred on Sunday, the 7th of the show, after Biggie paired each Housemate with their opposite sex.

Sandra had claimed that she instructed olivia so as not to laugh at her, after she (Sandra) expressed that she is not happy with the result of the matchup. Sandra did not like the fact that she was paired up with her South African housemate Theo Traw.

While Sandra was expressing herself in front of some of her classmates, Olivia turned around, but tried to walk to the bathroom to wash her hands, seeing Sandra’s mood, Olivia wanted to laugh, but Sandra advised her to laugh at her .

Immediately, Olivia was offended by Sandra’s words and boom, the altercation began. As the altercation continued, she was seen the housemates stopping Olivia and Sandra from engaging in a physical fight.

However, Sandra seemed to have continued to provoke Olivia even when her housemates advised her to stop.

And as it should be, Big Brother can throw notices at both Housemates, Olivia and Sandra.

Watch the fight below, as it happened.

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