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korean actor na cool He died on January 21, Saturday. The actor was 36 years old and starred in many famous movies in the Korean film industry. The sudden death of the Korean actor has many fans in shock, while others express sadness over it.

na cool Cause of death

According to All K-Pop, the actor died due to “exacerbated health issues.” Star News Korea added that the star had been undergoing treatment for his deteriorating health. The actor made headlines for his struggles to stay healthy.

Na Chul was known for his work in the famous ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ series. On the show, Na Chul played the role of ‘Kim Gil Soo’ and earned praise from many on social media for his performance. On the show, Na Chul’s character forced many runaway teenagers to commit crimes for him, which got them into a lot of trouble forever.

Na Chul’s other notable appearances in TV series include ‘Happiness’, ‘SBS’, ‘How to Distinguish Voices’, ‘Once Upon A Small Town’ and ‘Vincenzo’.

The star was also a part of many movies like ‘Tylenol’, ‘Tune In For Love’, ‘Sinkhole’ and ‘Extreme Job’.

Actress Kim Go Eun, who worked with Na Chul on ‘Little Women,’ took to Instagram to remember the actor and his life. She called him “the most wonderful actor.”

Sharing a couple of her photos, the actress wrote, “The most wonderful actor, Na Chul.” She added, “The most wonderful person, father, husband, son, friend Na Chul.”

Check out his post below:

In addition, the actress’s agency announced that they canceled a fashion coverage at the star’s airport. She is likely to be present at the actor’s funeral, which will take place on January 23. As reported by The Republic Monitor, Yongsan-gu, the funeral home of Seoul’s Soonchunhyang University, attended the actor’s burial procession.

Na Chul’s Wife: Was Vincenzo Cast married?

According to Kim Go-eun, Na Chul’s co-star in the popular Korean TV drama “Little Women,” he was married.

Despite being praised by his female co-stars as a loving father and husband, Na Chul kept his married life private throughout his career.

Some speculated that he wanted to protect his loved ones, specifically Na Chul’s wife and children, from the glare of the media.

Na Chul Wife is also very private and respects his decision to keep his life out of the public eye.

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