Utobo: Palm Wine Tapper Buying Mercedes Benz, Builds Two Houses (Photos/Video)

A Nigerian man who makes a living from palm wine has revealed that he is a proud lessor and owner of a Mercedes Benz.

The palm wine tapper known simply as Utobo said he is building a two-story building and bought the expensive car with the money he earns from selling palm products.

According to the 37-year-old freelancer, he spends 19 hours every day extracting wine from some 53 trees.

He said he does this three times a day and at the end of each day he can fill 24 gallons with palm wine which he then takes to the market to sell.

Utobo shared his story during an interview with a content creator who marveled at how he became a billionaire doing a job that many people disagree with.

See interview below:

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