Perfect Dark Reboot Gets Disappointing Insider Update

He perfect darkness reboot has received a disappointing update from an accredited tipster. perfect darkness it’s a franchise that is near and dear to many people who grew up in the 2000s. It faded over time simply because Microsoft bought Rare and took over making games for the Kinect, among other things. It was unfortunate to see it, but the series is making a comeback outside of Rare via a new xbox team called The Initiative. This team is made up of some of the best developers around and they have hyped it up as one of the biggest and most exciting Xbox games of the generation.

However, it has not been easy to navigate. After a report on crystal dynamics liquidating support in marvel avengers in order to complete commit to the next Tomb Raider gameinside information Miller Ross noted on ResetEra (via okami games) that perfect darkness it hits some potholes. For those who don’t know, Joined Crystal Dynamics perfect darkness as a supporting studio in 2021. It’s unclear exactly how much they’re contributing, but perfect darkness it’s expected to release after the developer’s Tomb Raider game, which is a bit surprising since perfect darkness apparently it has been cooking much longer. However, the pandemic and the aforementioned obstacles are likely to contribute to a more difficult development. Crystal Dynamics is reportedly gearing up to reveal its new Tomb Raider game later this year, which could be good for an actual release later this year or next.

If that’s the case, perfect darkness It could still be years away from release, which probably isn’t good news for many Xbox gamers. Xbox has been struggling to release great games at a steady pace, resulting in 2022 being devoid of any major Xbox exclusives. 2023 will have some important titles like star field, red dropand more, but fans are still pretty nervous about the general state of things.

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