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Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG that will debut in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, where Fell Dragon is about to reawaken, and as Divine Dragon, players will have to use their skills and make decisions to collect 12 Emblem Rings to bring peace back to Elyos. If you need to know how to increase Lindon’s support levels in Fire Emblem Engage, we’ve got a Gift Guide that shares the best gifts to give them (and which ones NOT to give them)!

The best gifts for Lindon

The best gifts for Lindon are: Story of Elyos, Fairy Tale Book, Fine Quill, Landscape Art, Large Plate, Philosophy Book, Poetry Book, Roasted Yam, Sharp Chisel, Spirit Gem, Sun Visor, Tea Leaves, white clover. You will want to reserve these gifts as you acquire them so that you can enhance your relationship with Lindon.

Lindon is part of Elusia, which is located in the northeast area of ​​Elyos and is covered in snow. This region does not believe in the Divine Dragon and instead worships the Fallen Dragon.

There are four different responses that a character can give when receiving a gift: delighted, happy, upset, or rejected. Fortunately, you’ll only annoy a character with the gift of horse manure, whereas if you simply give them something they don’t like, they’ll reject the gift. You obviously want a happy or delighted reaction to your gift, so stick with the best gifts we’ve listed above!

You will find gifts every time you investigate shiny areas that you will find throughout your time in Elyos and exploring the vast world. You can also buy some gifts at the Flea Market (unlocked after Chapter 12), but it’s not the most reliable source for acquiring gifts, so be sure to check out the areas that glow as you progress through the story.

The worst gifts for Lindon

The worst gifts to give Lindon are: Elegant Dagger, Horse Manure, Muscle Balm, Fine Bandana, Training Weights. You’ll want to avoid giving these gifts to Lindon as they won’t enhance your relationship with them! Save them to give them to another character who will love them.

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