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Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical RPG that will debut in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, where Fell Dragon is about to reawaken, and as Divine Dragon, players will have to use their skills and make decisions to collect 12 Emblem Rings to bring peace back to Elyos. If you’re getting ready to play and need to know how to change the difficulty level in Fire Emblem Engage, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for you!

how to engrave weapons

To engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, You’ll need to visit Smithy in Somniel, where you’ll select the weapon you’d like to power up with an emblem’s stats. Every time you engrave a weapon, it will cost you 100 Link Fragments. Only one emblem can be engraved on a weapon at a time.

When you engrave a weapon with the power of an emblem, your weapon’s stats will receive a buff that will increase stats such as crit rate, evasion, hit rate, weight, and power, though caution: some existing stats may decrease slightly with other stats. being increased significantly.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage! You can see more of our Fire Emblem Engage coverage for more guides and news.

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