Cook to Miss Forest Clash due to injury

Gary O’Neil has published an injury report on his squad, which reveals that Lewis Cook will miss the game against Nottingham Forest this weekend.

The midfielder was removed from last weekend’s game at Brentford after a first-half challenge.

Before tomorrow, O’Neil provided a full team review, which also included updates on Dominic Solanke, Marcus Tavernier and David Brooks.

“Lewis Cook will be a few weeks away,” he said.

“There are good and bad things around that news. Lew has had some serious knee injuries before, so he’s good in that sense that it’s not serious. Having said that, it’s obviously a bad thing that we don’t have it available.

“Even at the time it happened, we were sure it was not serious. Obviously, with what’s happened, you need to review everything.

“Fortunately, it is not as serious as his recent injuries. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon, but we’re disappointed not to have it for the weekend.

“Dominic Solanke will continue to be missing, Marcus Tavernier will continue to be missing and David Brooks is doing very well. I can’t wait to see him progress and get closer to games, but he’s not ready for that yet.

“In terms of Dom, he smacked his knee with no one around him and it was a bit of an awkward fall. I don’t expect him to be away for a long time, but he won’t make it to the weekend.”

O’Neil went on to talk about the new signing of Dango Ouattara, who got writing with the Cherries on Thursday night.

The head coach revealed that his latest addition could appear in tomorrow’s game against Forest.

“I think there are always things to consider around what he’s been up to over the past few days.

“He’s been involved in a transfer, so it hasn’t been a normal week for him. Having said that, it’s a great game we have in 24 hours and we have some injuries.

“The team is not complete at the moment and he offers an option.”

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