Halo Infinite developer faces big changes and loses creative director

343 Industries, the team behind infinite halois facing a lot of big changes this week. infinite halo it had a pretty rough ride when it released in 2021, but most people agreed that it was still a good game. There were issues with the progression system in the game, updates took too long to release, key features like co-op were missing for almost a full year, etc. It wasn’t great, but fans were hopeful for its future given that the game itself was great. With rumors of single player DLC on the horizon, the future of aura It still seemed exciting, but now fans are a bit worried.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Microsoft was experiencing major layoffs which would also affect Xbox teams like Bethesda Game Studios and 343 Industries. At the time, it wasn’t clear how much this would affect things, but now we’re starting to get a better idea. What reported by Bloomberg, infinite halo Halo veteran and creative director Joseph Staten will be leaving the studio to work on Xbox publishing. While he will still be under the Xbox umbrella, he won’t be leading the future of Halo. State rejoined 343 Industries in 2020 to bring the game over the finish line after some troubling hiccups and is credited with putting the game back in good shape. In an email to 343 staff, studio head Pierre Hintz noted that the company had to make some tough decisions to restructure the team, resulting in some roles being eliminated. It was noted that they would continue to support the live and multiplayer service elements of infinite halowhich may mean that there is no campaign DLC on the way for the game.

As of now, it remains to be seen what will come of the future of Halo. The series has been in constant flux since the early to mid-2010s. It is unknown if another Halo game is in the works at this time or if Infinite it’s the indefinite future of the franchise for now.

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