Get 10 Random Steam Games For Just $7

The first few weeks of the year are usually slow for new game releases, but you can add some excitement to your Steam library with Fanatical Mysterious Star Bundle of random PC games for little money. The deal starts with one mystery key for just $1 and goes up to 10 keys for $7.

The package description says that the pool of possible games includes “the latest and greatest games that everyone is talking about” as well as old-school classics from “esteemed publishers,” but that doesn’t narrow down the list of potential keys. .

The good news is that each key in your pack will unlock a unique title. Duplicate keys are not included in a single pack, although the fine print says that duplication is possible if you buy multiple Mystery Star packs. Each pack you buy also gives you a 5% discount coupon that can be used on other games and packs at the fanatical store.

As if surprise Steam keys weren’t exciting enough, there’s also a chance that one of your keys might be a “rare shooting star” prize worth $1,000 worth of Steam keys, including keys for upcoming games like Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 remake, and more. There are only five shooting stars out there. Those are slim chances, but hey, it’s always possible.

You can check out the Mystery Star Bundle now on Fanatical. While you’re there, you should also check out the retailer’s other offerings, like this one six pack of amazing RPGs for just $8as well as numerous discounts at the Fanatical Lunar New Year Sale event.

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