BBTitans: Yaya makes Biggie deny the housemates a very important need

During the BBTitans S1 journal session, granny he made a huge mistake that resulted in his housemates being denied a basic service at Biggie’s house.

While answering Big Brother Questions, he mistakenly talked about constantly turning hot water on and off in the morning.

granny he jokingly told Big Brother that they might need hot water at any time of the day in cases where they wanted to shower.

Unfortunately, the way he presented the matter to Biggie led to a serious misunderstanding, especially when the teammates try to tell him what to do.

Biggie got mad because he was trying to change a practice that has been on the reality show since the very first episode.

For the aforementioned reason, Biggie unfolded her voice with a frown to announce that she should go and instruct other housemates that she was the reason for the ban on hot water use in the house from now on, until further notice. .

The moment she announced the bad news to her fellow BBTitans and said that she was the cause, they all frowned and made a long face.

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