Video: The daughter of a politician takes her friends shopping


A group of young people rejoiced after a friend took them shopping and paid for their purchases.

It is said that the young woman is the daughter of a politician, although her parents’ names are not mentioned.


In a video circulating online, the pretty girl can be seen paying for items her two male friends collected from the shelves.

The boys sang and smiled at the gesture, while the girl maintained a calm disposition.

Look the following video:

Reacting, adorablekiddies_co; They look a bit alike ??

the_succulent; until they kidnap her or investigate her father ?

dee_queenz; At least she Dey shares the national cake ??

hrmmodup; A friendship that I will run away from, I don’t want any girl to keep anything against me. I don’t care if Bill Gates is your father, we should split the bill!

the shy girl with curves; You guys complain too much about everything! I am tired of you a lot in this comment!

shofu01; It’s pretty funny that I’m spending your father’s money, your money, and your future son’s money on you. My brother na loss that dey so. ?

cassypamz; I hope that when it’s the other way around I don’t see trash comments ? about women being gold diggers

lovely_nwabisi; Setup ? and she Dey smile ??‍♀️

olori_abeke; God o… look at her smiling sef ???

pretty saints; After this… he will start to avoid them ?

hammershadows; I’m starting to live this song. ??

elstellium._; It’s just content ??? Please calm down, who knows your father Abeg?

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