New Fortnite concert announcement rumored for this week

During the last few weeks, rumors have been circulating that The Kid Laroi will be the next artist to perform a Fortnite concert in the game Epic Games has yet to reveal anything, but The Kid Laroi announced today that he will have something new to share on January 17, leading many fans to believe that the concert will be officially announced. The original source of the rumor was Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, who claimed that the concert will take place on January 24 or 25. If that’s the case, an announcement should be made soon!

News of The Kid Laroi’s announcement was shared on Twitter by reliable Fortnite leaker @ShiinaBR. Readers can find the Tweet embedded below.

As with any rumor, readers are encouraged to take this with a grain of salt until we receive an official announcement. As we have seen with Fortnite leaks in the past, sometimes collaborations can fall apart or be delayed. While Henderson is a reliable source, things are constantly changing behind the scenes, and what was true one day may be false the next. One way or another, The Kid Laroi will announce something tomorrow, so we should know what it is within the next 24 hours!

FortniteIn-game concerts have been very successful in recent years. The first of these featured Marshmello in 2019, and subsequent concerts have seen the likes of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande perform. While the idea of ​​in-game concerts may seem unusual to some, the size of FortniteThe user base allows artists to reach a massive audience, potentially generating a lot of new followers in the process. If The Kid Laroi really is hosting FortniteFor the upcoming in-game concert, players are likely to see a ton of new skins and event-related content, as we’ve seen at previous concerts.

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