Forever 21 Plus Size Tour: Wowed by Sophistication

EVEN THOUGH Forever 21 can no longer be found on our main streets, they do have some great stuff online.

In a recent video, plus-size model and fashion influencer Phaith Montoya shared a massive amount of Forever 21 shopping that left her feeling chic and sophisticated.

Phaith said she wasn’t even a fan of turtleneck tops, but this gave her a lot of support.Credit: TikTok/@phaithmontoya/v

Phaith's favorite item was the satin wrap dress from Forever 21.

Phaith’s favorite item was the satin wrap dress from Forever 21.Credit: TikTok/@phaithmontoya/v

Phaith said: “I’ve got this huge Forever 21 box so I’m about to take a tour.”

First, Phaith tried the plus-size fluffy pajama set that sells for $30.

Phaith said: “I started with these pajamas. These are such cute Christmas vibes all the time.”

Next, Phaith tries on the Plus Size Pleated Midi Dress, which costs £17.

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Phaith said: “This is definitely something out of my comfort zone, but I think it’s very cute and looks sophisticated. It’s not the strongest, but it’s comfortable and fits my body well.”

Phaith also tried on the £35 plus size cable knit sweater dress.

She said: “I’m not even the biggest fan of turtleneck dresses, but this one? I feel like she is serving the Christmas season. I feel like I look like a sugar cookie. I’m lovin ‘it.”

Next, Phaith tried on the Plus Size Faux Feather Trim Top, £18, which she paired with a velvet skirt.

She said: “These are two separate pieces, but I thought since they were velvet I would just put them together. I think it’s cute, definitely at a Christmas party, but with an off the shoulder top I can’t [lift her arms high]. So let’s try it with a different top.”

Phaith tried the velvet skirt on with a plus size satin top that cost £20.

Phaith said: “I’m always very dubious about turtlenecks, but this one? She got extra protection and support. So I’m obsessed with this. It looks elegant and cute. I definitely like this combo a bit more.”

She continued, “I also bought this pearl bag and I think it looks very elegant. I actually like this [the cowl neck top]. I have to go see if there are other colors.

Phaith also tried on the £23 plus size leopard print bandana top, she paired it with her black velvet skirt.

She said: “This is the velvet skirt again with something else. Little Cheetah moment. I like the chain. It’s a little tight.

Phaith tried on another set of pajamas. On this occasion the Hello Kitty pajama set.

She said: “I’ve got this cute little set, definitely some pajamas. These shorts are too small, but I’m going to put my butt in them anyway.”

Phaith tried on a plus size Yellowstone graphic tee, £17, and a pair of plus size wrap flare pants, £25.

She said: “I have this casual cropped shirt, but the star of the show is these leggings. They are so comfortable that they widen at the bottom.”

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Lastly, she tried on a red plus size surplice wrap dress priced at £29.

Phaith said: “Forever 21 has done it again. These satin dresses will always serve me. Look at this slit. This only snatches your waist. You can tie it as tight as you like or as loose as you like. I look so good. Perfect vacation dress.”

Phaith loved her figure in this cable knit sweater dress.

Phaith loved her figure in this cable knit sweater dress.Credit: TikTok/@phaithmontoya/v

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