These 3 Zodiac Signs May Be Under A Lot Of Pressure This Week, But It’s Only Temporary

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Where there is chaos, more often than not there is a breakthrough waiting on the horizon. The astrology of these next few days is no exception but, for the same reason, three zodiac signs will have the worst week from 16 to 22 January. If you are one of the signs mentioned below, do not fear this moment of truth; allow yourself to surrender to the process and embrace growth. Look at it on the bright side: Mercury is going into direct park this week, so try to keep your eye on the prize.

Meanwhile, the week kicks off on a shrewd but boisterous note, considering the Scorpio moon’s secret square to Freedom-loving Venus in Aquarius on January 16. In other words, if the environment feels bad, it most likely does. Also, it is not necessarily suggested to express feelings through social networks and/or text messages, since what one considers deep and significant could easily be taken out of context. Speaking of which, Mercury retrograde will come to an end on January 18, but this will take place during the sun’s fiery conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Cathartic, transformative, and reverberating with intensity, there is nothing remotely subtle about this energy, but the truth will always set us free. That said, you’ll want to keep an eye out during this time, as he can be just as prominent as he is insightful.

On January 20, the sun will enter freedom-loving Aquarius, shifting energy from practical and conservative to intellectual and experimental. Don’t hesitate to expose yourself. Also, be sure to set your intentions, as there will be a new moon in Aquarius the next day.

With Uranus retrograde coming to an end on January 22, the change is closer than you’re probably prepared for. Venus will also be joining Saturn in Aquariuswhich is where we are called to be brutally honest with ourselves, specifically when it comes to matters of love, relationships, and finances.

If you sun sign I rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs, here’s why you’re most likely to be overwhelmed with uncertainty this week:

These 3 zodiac signs will have the worst week

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You and your partner, either personally or professionally, could be at odds at the start of the week, as the moon will square your planetary ruler, Venus, as it transits your relationship sector. You may want some alone time to discuss important matters, but the social environment could be more bombardment than you’re comfortable with. Also, after the Mercury seasons turn on January 18, the sun will join Pluto in a transformative conjunction through your 9th house of expansion, philosophy, and belief systems.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’ve been reluctant to venture into the unknown, or are simply too rigid when it comes to your belief systems, this could feel like a wake-up call from the universe. You are getting clear on your long-term goals and discovering what you really stand for. On January 22, your celestial ruler, Venus, will go head-to-head with Saturn, which might sound depressing, but instead of crying over the rain at your parade, the cosmos asks you to be brutally honest with yourself, especially when it’s about your money, values ​​and love life.

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You are in your emotions, but you still have no choice but to show up and attend to your due diligence. This is especially true at the beginning of the week when the Scorpio moon faces Venus in Aquarius, which rules her relationship sector. Others of you may have conflicting forces when it comes to the freedom one of you craves in commitment.

On January 20, your celestial ruler, the sun, will enter its detrimental sign, Aquarius, which continues to bring energy and vitality to your seventh house of commitments, and other significant ones. The themes of compromise and harmony, even though you’re open to it, will be revisited at this time, but the proximity of Venus to Saturn on January 22 will prompt you to consider the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Don’t get along with your inner circle? On January 16, while shining through your sign, the Moon will meet Venus in a chaotic square, midway through your fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. This could also be in regards to someone you cohabit with, so if you need more space in your humble abode, this is your cue to step outside and get some fresh air. On January 18, Mercury will go direct into your communication sector, and as the sun joins your modern ruler, Pluto, in a revealing conjunction.

Information Nation? That would be putting it lightly, considering that this could be something that was previously hidden from your conscious mind. This is an influx of knowledge headed your way, some of which may lead to a breakthrough of sorts, so find your center and stay grounded. You’ll be intuitively drawn inward with the sun’s shift into Aquarius and your comfortable fourth house of innermost feelings on January 20, but Venus’s conjunction with Saturn on January 22 urges you to take care of business at home.

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