Free League Publishing Announces Plans To Make Zero Year Open Game License After Dungeons & Dragons OGL Controversy

Free League Publishing is moving forward with plans to develop an open game license for its Year Zero game system, as well as a separate license to create third-party adventure modules for its upcoming fantasy RPG. Dragons killer. In a statement released this morning, the Free League noted that plans for both licenses were already under development, but were accelerated as a result of Wizards of the Coast’s recent proposed changes to its Open Gaming License (OGL). The Free League used the Wizards of the Coast Open Gaming License 1.0 as the basis for the current Zero Year License. Under the reported terms of Wizards’ new OGL, all previous versions of the OGL would be deprecated.

“It is clear that it is high time that the Free League had an OGL that is completely ours,” Free League CEO Tomas Härenstam said in a statement announcing the change.

The planned Year Zero Engine OGL will grant creators an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free right to use the attached Year Zero Engine standard reference document to freely publish RPG material, including their own games, based on the Year Zero Engine system. Free League currently uses Year Zero as the base for many of its games, including Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis, Tales From the Loop, Forbidden Lands, ALIEN, Vaesen, Y Blade Runner RPG.

Separately, Free League is also working on a separate license to create adventure modules for Dragons killer, the English translation of the classic Swedish RPG Drakar and Demoner. Contrary to what was planned year zero license, the Dragons killer The license is specifically intended for creating RPG material compatible with Dragons killer instead of creating separate games that use by dragonbane underlying mechanics. As such, the Dragons killer the license will not have an SRD but will allow creators to create and share freely Dragons killer compatible material without paying royalties.

Both licenses will be released to the public next week.

Free League Publishing also noted that based on Wizards of the Coast’s most recent announcement, they believed their two product lines were being published under the current Wizards of the Coast OGL: Lord of the Rings RPG Y Symbaroum Ruins – will not be “mostly affected” by the changes to the OGL, but that Free League will continue to monitor the situation.


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