BBTitans 2023 Housemates Age [Season 1 FULL LIST]


Big Brother Titans Season 1, labeled “The Rise of the Giants,” officially launched on Sunday, introducing the show to 20 housemates.

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BBTitans housemates and their ages

20 housemates came to the house, they are called the giants.


one. joxi F 25 South African Journalist
2. yemi cregx SUBWAY 30 okYoyou nigeria Entrepreneur
3. siya juicy jay SUBWAY 27 Tata, South Africa Rugby player
Four. olivia F 23 Lagos, Nigeria man of influence
5. nelisa F 25 Durban, South Africa Entrepreneur
6. Blaqboi F 26 Jose, Nigerian Content creator
7. mmeli SUBWAY 27 Hillbrow, South Africa Model/Content Creator
8. lullaby F 22 Kaduna, Nigeria Business
9. Ipeleng F 25 North West, South Africa Law student
10 Melvin SUBWAY 29 Portharcourt, Nigeria Chemical engineer
eleven Thabang SUBWAY twenty-one Soweto, South Africa Modeling
12 Jaypee F 25 Lagos, Nigeria Nurse
13 granny F 31 Cape Town, South Africa Entrepreneur
14 ebubu SUBWAY 28 Anambra, Nigeria actress/model
fifteen. Luke SUBWAY 31 Free State, South Africa Sales representative
sixteen. Jenni O. F 25 Imo, Nigeria Health and Safety Specialist
17 TsatsYoYo F 24 Pretoria, South Africa Biomedical Engineering Student
18 kanaga son SUBWAY 23 Abia, Nigeria Entrepreneur
19 justin SUBWAY twenty-one East London, South Africa Photographer / Content Creator
twenty Yvonne F 27 Akwa Ibom, Nigeria Model, skincare enthusiast

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