Wizard of Oz suicidal munchkin video leaked on Twitter, Gabby’s love after lockdown assault video

Victor Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz, printed 80 years ago, is remembered and cherished (in In Baum’s book, Dorothy’s slippers are silver, not ruby ​​violet; they were modified to replicate the color remedy from the new demo film ). ). And an Oscar-winning score from composer Herbert Stothart.

After all, the movie was also famous for exacerbating Judy Garland’s use of amphetamines and barbiturates, which she prescribed at the request of Louis B. Meyer to boost the young star’s on-set performance. productivity—and her self-image points. Mayer would later name the 16-year-old after her “little hunchback,” and in 1947, less than a decade after her breakthrough role, Garland attempted suicide for the first time.

The Wizard of Oz is full of darkness. The person who initially made Tin Woodman, Buddy Ebsen, ended up becoming an iron lung after silver aluminum powder makeup got into his lungs. The depraved witch Margaret Hamilton also hung out in the hospital with second-degree burns to her face and third-degree burns to the palms of her hands. After recovering, she returned to work in the situation where she now does not work with fire. She spent 11 days in the hospital after the “broom deal” – basically a painted whistle – that her doppelganger, Betty Danko, was sitting on, blew up. The burns on her legs hadn’t healed in any way.

Delving into the film’s grim backstory, there’s one town legend that keeps coming up: an actor in Munchkin hangs himself in a scene, later known as the Tin Woodman series, in which Dorothy the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman rise. the yellow brick road to the Emerald Metropolis.

The official line from the studio has long been that what appears to be a small human swinging from a tree is definitely a shadow cast by a massive crane used by Fleming and other animals at the Los Angeles Zoo, which have been employed to make the forest seem alive. . The crane is alleged to have spread its wings defensively, casting a strange shadow in the background as the trio began hopping in the street.

This alleged hoax is compounded by the film’s quite a few variations. By the time The Wizard of Oz was reissued for its fiftieth anniversary in 1989, the messy footage had been cleaned up. The chook appeared in a unique location than when it first appeared. This model is now considered the definitive model that you are likely to see on TV. However, if you watch the original movie, something still feels flawed.

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