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One Piece Odyssey is a role-playing video game by Bandai Namco Entertainment and based in part on the One Piece franchise. The game features different adventure elements from the franchise to delight fans and allow them to explore the world in an RPG environment. As you progress through the game, food will be introduced to you. If you need help on how to find Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver in One Piece Odyssey, we have a guide on the location and how to get it easily.

Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver Locations: How to Find

To find Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver, You will have to fight Ogre Sazae Kancho, who is in Water Seven, for their livers. Also, you will find some ingredients in crates that can be broken, such as rewards and loot during battles/quest completion, or can be purchased from shops.

You can then use the ingredient to cook certain recipes, but remember, you will need to unlock cooking as a skill, if you haven’t already, which can be done as part of the main story in Chapter 2. Gathering ingredients and using them to create food is beneficial so that you can consume the items before a battle. Meals offer benefits for the whole group, which is why having them on hand can be so helpful!

You can prepare recipes that you know by setting up Sanji’s Kitchen in a camp or by visiting a local tavern (they are spread all over the world of One Piece Odyssey). You will also need to make all the recipes available if you want to get both. One Piece Odyssey Achievements!

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We hope this helped you figure out how to find Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver in One Piece Odyssey. You can see more of our One Piece Odyssey Coverage and Guides.

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