The new League Of Legends cinematic is so bad that Riot officially apologizes for it

The last season of League of Legends is ready for racing, but a new cinematic trailer meant to get players excited for the coming year appears to have had the opposite effect, as developer Riot Games acknowledged that the trailer “missed its mark.”

Every year since 2018, Riot has released a awesome kinematics to start each new season of League of Legends. However, the cinematic for the 2023 season, the edge of infinity, has not landed particularly well. While previous cinematics featured epic battles, panoramic views that showcased the League of Legends universe, and the chance to see many of the game’s iconic champions in a new light, this year’s cinematic is essentially a two-minute walkthrough of the game. Summoner’s Rift map of the game. accompanied by a voiceover.

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Fans were quick to notice the disparity between this year’s cinematics and those of years past, and wasted no time in voicing their dissatisfaction. That led Riot to acknowledge the controversy in a thread. tweets. Citing “unprecedented circumstances”, Riot stated that it chose an “alternative approach to the 2023 season video” that it thought would still celebrate the League of Legends universe and the game’s competitive spirit.

“But we’ve heard your feedback, and we want to acknowledge that Brink of Infinity missed the mark of the action-packed, champion-led trailer I expected and has led to further speculation about our investment in League,” an official tweet read. the League of Legends Twitter account.

Free League of Legends is a huge moneymaker for Riot, so it seems a bit far-fetched to think that Riot is somehow abandoning the game that put it on the map. Fans who question the company’s “investment” in the MOBA, however, cite content drafts and a lack of high-quality skins as reasons some fans may feel that way.

Riot goes on to state that it continues to invest in League of Legends and that the game has a bright future, but that it “should have been more forthcoming, which might have helped with some of that sentiment and speculation.” Additionally, Riot plans to give players more details on what the company’s investment in League of Legends looks like “in the coming days.”

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