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One Piece Odyssey is a role-playing video game by Bandai Namco Entertainment and based in part on the One Piece franchise. The game features different adventure elements from the franchise to delight fans and allow them to explore the world in an RPG environment. As you progress through the game, you will find Grand Line Quiz as a continuous aspect of the game. We have for you all the answers to the Grand Line Quiz given by Zoner in One Piece Odyssey!

Grand Line Quiz Answers

There are four different quizzes available to you. Each time, you will have to find Zoner and interact with him/her to start the test. The first quiz has three levels of questions, while the remaining three have two levels of questions and a task that acts as the third level.

Quiz 1 Answers

  • What animal will ask to become your apprentice when defeated in battle? Dugong Kung Fu
  • What is a poisonous spider that looks like a fruit called? desert strawberry
  • Who is the ruler of Alabasta and the twelfth successor of Nefertari’s royal family? Cobra
  • What animal plays dead to steal the belongings of travelers? scammer heron
  • What is the name of the big casino on Rainbase? rainy dinners
  • What are the giant alligators that live on Sandy Island called? banana crocodiles
  • What is the alias of Vice Commander Pell of Alabasta? skin the hawk
  • What is the rare giant catfish found only in the Sandora River? sandora catfish
  • What is the local specialty of the port city of Nanohana? Fragrance

Quiz 2 Answers

  • What is the name of the Sea Train currently serving Water Seven? puffing tom
  • What is the essential mounted transportation to live in Water Seven? Bull
  • What is the name of the annual high tide that overwhelms Water Seven? lagoon water
  • What is the name of the endangered tree that is the strongest in the world? adam of the treasure tree
  • How many foremen does Galley-La Company have for each pier? 5
  • What is the highest level bull you can rent at the Rental Bull Shop? bull king
  • Level 3 task: Find Zoner at Dock One in the northwest area and interact with her

Questionnaire 3 Answers

  • What is the name of the bell in West Marineford? ox bell
  • The “Ultimate Military Force” of Marine Headquarters are Aokiji, Kizaru, and who else? Akainu
  • What is the name of the prison impossible to enter or exit? impel down
  • The Three Great Powers of the Grand Line are the Four Emperors, the Marine Headquarters, and __? Seven Warlords of the Sea
  • What is the name of the giant door in both Enies Lobby and Impel Down? gates of justice
  • What is the name of the Guardian of Impel Down? Magellan
  • level 3 task: Rescue Zoner from the escaped inmates (go to Ox Bell Plaza)

Quiz 4 Answers

  • What is the name of the place in Dressrosa where gladiators fight? colosseum run
  • What is the name of the violent fish that lives in the sea near Dressrosa? fighting fish
  • What flower blooms in the garden near the Dressrosa Royal Palace? Sunflower
  • Who is the man called the strongest gladiator in the Corrida Colosseum? kyros
  • What are the dwarves who live in Dressrosa called? silly
  • The current headquarters of the Ultimate Military Force of Marines are Kizaru, Ryokugyu and? fujitora
  • Level 3 task: Zoner’s rescue in the Colosseum Corrida

We hope this has helped you find the answers to the Grand Line Quizzes in One Piece Odyssey. You can see more of our One Piece Odyssey Coverage and Guides.

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