His presidential broadcast was unnecessary: ​​Jantuah tackles Alan

A former presidential staffer under the former administration of John Dramani Mahama, P. V Dadson Boateng Jantuah, has rebuked would-be New Patriotic Party (NPP) standard-bearer John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten for his presidential-like speech.

He regrets that Mr. Kyeremanten strayed into areas that were unnecessary and unnecessary, as the speech should only have focused on his reasons for resigning from the Akufo-Addo government.

The former Trade and Industry Minister tendered his resignation, noting that although President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is building a strong foundation, the size of his government was large, adding that if he were in charge, certain things would have been done different way.

This Mr. Jantuah believes that it was not necessary as Mr. Kyeremanten was part of the government and could have pointed this out to the president and not wait for him to abandon him.

“Alan’s speech in the first place was too long and loaded with poignant information. He should have focused on the reasons why he left the government and not on the bad things about the government that he refused to comment on, only to talk about the wrongs right after leaving the government,” he said.

“Politicians must be bold and say what they think when they are part of a government, that habit of waiting when things are bad to speak does not show love for the family,” he observed.

He maintains that Mr. Kyeremanten missed a great opportunity, possibly winning the votes of NPP delegates within his party.

“So now that Alan is talking about the mistakes of the Nana Addo government, who’s going to take it seriously? You stayed and were part of the mess for six years, how are the delegates going to believe you, ”he lamented.

There have been mixed reactions after Mr. Kyeremanten broadcast stating the reason for his resignation from the current administration and officially stating his desire to lead the NPP if given the go-ahead by delegates and ultimately become president if voted in the election. generals of 2024.

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