ASK IRA: What happens next with Dewayne Dedmon and the Heat?

Q: Even with most of the roster absent for Tuesday’s game, they still didn’t need Dewayne Dedmon. If that’s not a sign that it’s time to move on, I don’t know what is. – Sister.

A: In many ways, the Heat had walked away from Dewayne Dedmon even before Tuesday night’s words with Erik Spoelstra and subsequent ejection. That was evident with the way the team had used Orlando Robinson first before Dewayne recently, and then the decision to start Orlando before Dewayne when Bam Adebayo wasn’t available Tuesday night. But nothing will happen immediately, because it can’t. Dewayne isn’t tradeable until Sunday, and the Heat can’t afford to eat his salary. What the Heat need to do is find a trade partner who can return less salary, so the Heat can trade Orlando out of their two-way contract and still stay below the luxury tax. In a perfect world (and this sounds weird), the best outcome for the Heat would be for the NBA to issue a multi-game suspension to Dewayne for sending an item onto the court, which would mean the Heat could save on Dedmon’s contract. . against the luxury tax. This could be the rare case where a team pushes for a longer suspension. If the Heat were to suspend Dewayne for his feud with Spoelstra, there would be no salary cap or tax refund.

Q: Man, Victor Oladipo is making plays. – set.

A: That is, from somehow coming up with that fumble after it looked like the Heat wasted the rebound on a missed Thunder free throw, to his vision of watching Jimmy Butler slice the basket for the win. The Heat haven’t had many players willing to play at speed in recent seasons. Victor Oladipo has provided a welcome change of pace.

Q: We’re never going to play our top four guys together consistently. SMH. – BC

A: Correct. Instead, the roster wheel will seemingly remain in perpetual motion.


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