The Last of Us Launches on Rotten Tomatoes with Rare Perfect Score

HBO Reviews The last of us are in, and as of now, the show boasts a pretty incredible score on rotten tomatoes. With 29 critical ratings at the time of publication, the television show adaptation of The last of us it currently has a score of 100%. That’s likely to change as more reviews start coming in for the series, but as it stands, it’s an impressive score to start for the show that’s less than a week away.

You can see the score for yourself via Rotten Tomatoes site where the show is on track to be certified as new once critics’ consensus is reached, assuming this strong score remains stable. Naturally, no user scores have been applied since the show was still publicly available, but as is the case with any new show, it will be interesting to see how the two different scores from critics and viewers stack up against each other.

A quick look at some of the reviews left on the Rotten Tomatoes site shows praise for The last of us being a successful adaptation of a video game and, at the same time, a solid show on its own merits. Our own review offered a similar version of HBO The last of us and said the show was probably the most faithful video game adaptation we’ve seen to date, though the show faced the familiar problem of attracting new and old audiences as well.

“The Last of Us should be commended for helping to break the ‘curse’ of video game adaptation that has permeated for decades, but I also can’t say this TV series does enough to outshine the source material,” an excerpt from our review. saying. “As such, I imagine that many, like myself, who are incredibly familiar with the game, might not enjoy this retelling as much as they initially hoped. However, for new audiences, The last of us It’s well worth watching as her story remains compelling, even when told through a new medium.”

HBO The last of us will make its public debut on January 15 with episodes dropping weekly on HBO Max each week after launch. You can get more information about the program through our coverage here which includes interviews with the show’s creators and cast.


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