The 15 2022 fashion essentials I keep in my closet for 2023

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Shelves are in disarray, hangers are clinging to their last ounce of velvet-encased strength, and sweaters are wriggling in hopes of drawers closing—the chaotic scene I’ve just described is the current state of my closet. As a fashion writer, I have a lot of clothes and it’s hard for me to want to get rid of any of them (what if they come back in style?). Despite the storage challenges that come with having a passion for shopping and a small apartment, I love my clothing collection. However, there are a few pieces that I love more than the rest and they all make it to my to-do list. fashion basics for 2023.

In an effort to organize my closet, I pulled out all the 2022 trends I bought and determined which ones made it out of the trend category and were promoted to the essentials category. These are pieces that were incredibly popular in 2022, such as Miu Miu’s satin ballerinasI have no intention of retiring anytime soon. Shopping for items when they are at the height of a trend is definitely fun, but it can often lead to time fatigue, which is basically when you see an item so often that you get tired of it. Determining which essential items appeal to me helps me evaluate my purchases based on trends and avoid buyer’s remorse after the fact.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023


If you’re a trend-following shopper, I also recommend you take a look Klarna Trend Report 2022 detailing which trending categories and specific items were being searched for and purchased the most in 2022. This report helped me determine which items most of us probably already have in our closets and how they can still be worn in 2023.

A big theme in the 2022 trend report was nostalgia. Whether you’re trading in your iPhone for a flip phone for aesthetics or just to tune out or shopping exclusively for the 2000s era, it seems like everyone is dressing for “the good old days,” whatever those may be. While I’m not looking forward to throwing on a pair of low-rise jeans, I love the baggy jean look who has resurfaced from that era, and plans to wear the style throughout 2023.

Read on for the 15 fashion essentials for 2023 that I’m excited to continue incorporating into my everyday style.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Tory Burch.

Soft Ballerina Scrunch

I fell in love with the ballerina trend in 2022 and that’s because it’s not really a trend, it’s timeless! I’m grateful to #balletcore for bringing everyone back to their senses. I have ittheir crisscross pair by Tory Burch and I love them.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Zara.

Double-sided short jacket

If you bought the TikTok viral double-faced shearling jacket from Zara (or similar), congratulations, you have made an excellent purchase. This stylish jacket returns year after year and can be worn any time the temperature drops below 50 degrees.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Mejuri.

Large thin hoops.

According to Klarna’s 2022 trend report, Y2K everything was a top trending topic for the year and that means we’ll see a lot of carryover in 2023. this pair Oversized 14k gold hoops are a subtle nod to Y2K that can be paired with any style of outfit.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Flada.

Fluffy Faux Feather Round Clutch Shoulder Bag

Looks like we’ll all still be meeting in 2023 because the feathers aren’t going anywhere. Whether you prefer feathers on the edge of your dress or in the form of a statement bag, you will be elevated to the category of “most fashionable”. feather bag
searches increased by 88% in 2022 according to the Klarna trend report and I anticipate that we will surpass those figures this year.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of NAKD.

Mini skirt

Klarna’s 2022 trend report says that mini skirt purchases increased 566% in June 2022, wow! That means many of us are fashion-shoppers with microminis in our closet that we’ll be wearing throughout 2023. Enhance your look by pairing it with a monochrome jacket and tights.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Good American.

Good baggy jeans from the 90s

I don’t say this lightly this pair from Good American jeans was the best item to enter my closet in 2022 and I already bought another wash for 2023. They cater to the baggy jean trend and fit perfectly for everyday wear Y they are more than comfortable.

”Good ”$149″

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023 Courtesy of Celine.[/caption]

Celine Triomphe Tortoiseshell Acetate Oval Frame Sunglasses

this pair of gorgeous Celine sunglasses is the one purchase I missed in 2022 that I plan to make in 2023. The style is very chic and gives off cool girl vibes.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Tramp courtesy.

Kenova Penny loafers

Emma Chamberlain loves loafers, I love loafers and chances are you do too. this pair of the Vagabond loafers are my ride or die and follow the slimmer silhouette that will be trending throughout 2023.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Satin Slit Back Midi Dress

the lingerie dress It was the versatile formalwear star of 2022 and it will continue to shine just as bright. Whether you’re heading to a birthday party, wedding, or on vacation, a slip dress is a must.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of the coach.

Coach Demi bag in exclusive jacquard

I’ve got this Coach shoulder bag and I’m obsessed with the nostalgia of the signature logo print mixed with a modern take on a shoulder bag. The strap is also long enough that it won’t fall off your shoulder when you’re wearing a coat or sweater. This Coach bag also comes in three other colors.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective.

Black jumpsuit with round neckline

Your long walks, work-from-home days, and pilates classes are begging you to hop on the unitard workout trend. They are flattering, comfortable and it is one less piece to wash in the laundry. This from Girlfriend Collective is available in pieces XXS-6XL.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of adidas.

gazelle shoes

Adidas Samba shoes were the most popular sneaker of 2022, thanks to Bella Hadid and her sister shoe, the gazelle is having a moment. If you have the Sambas, put them on! If you don’t, this is a fun and colorful alternative.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of LPA.

Cedella Column Long Skirt

Love them or hate them, maxi skirts were a trend report favorite (and one of my favorites, too). a maxi skirt it goes with simple pieces like a sweater or blazer, but instantly elevates the whole ensemble.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Rails.

michelle sweater

When it comes to fashion essentials, a high-quality sweater it should be at the top of your list. My favorite place to buy sweaters is Rails – they are more expensive, but the quality speaks for itself.

STYLECASTER |  Fashion Essentials 2023

Courtesy of Hanky ​​Panky.

Signature lace front cami

The see-through and lace trends go hand-in-hand and are both part of the counterculture resurgence and honestly, it’s a hot look. Cap this lace camisole over a black bralette (or nothing depending on the occasion) and pair it with an oversized black blazer.

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